I was excited to see President Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th president on Tuesday. I was a big Obama supporter early on, when all the political types were saying it couldn’t be done. And I was impressed with his inaugural address as well. He wisely elected to dial down the inspirational content and instead focus on the serious challeges facing America.
In addition, I’m impressed with his decision to freeze White House wages and enact tougher lobbying restrictions. Sure it’s very, very early. But thus far, he seems serious about reforming the environment in Washington.
But enough about all that. Let’s talk, just for a moment about Jill Biden. America suddenly has, and I say this respectfully of course, a smokin’ VP spouse. I was doing some online research on Ms. Biden[would she be the Second Lady?]when I came across this Jezebel article about her reaction to some political types trying to drag Joe into the 2004 presidential contest. No idea if it is true or not. Doesn’t really matter – I just like the story.