Hobby for this 78 year old lawyer? Bullfighting.

I almost missed this article by James Podger in the ABA Magazine. Glad I didn’t.

In their off hours, some lawyers like to golf. Some like to travel. And then there is Jame Pritikin.

Mr. Pritikin, a Chicago divorce attorney, has a hobby as well. He fights bulls. He discovered bullfighting while a student at the University of Illinois. He wanted to get involved then but life got in the way.

As he was nearing his 66th birthday[not a typo] Pritikin was lamenting the fact that he never got into the ring. His wife, Mary Szatkowski-Pritikin decided she had heard enough and surprised him with a two week course in bullfighting in Spain. Key fact – that was 12 years ago.

Currently 78 years old, Pritikin goes to Spain at least once a year for bullfighting. And he has the scars to prove it. In 2010, he was gored in the left leg, resulting in multiple fractures and a torn meniscus. He was on the mend for a year but got back in the ring once he got cleared.

Pritikin noted that he does avoid one traditional aspect of the sport – killing the bull. He has no desire to do so.

Oh, he has other hobbies as well. He is a licensed boxing judge and referee.

Rock on with your bad self Mr. Pritikin.