Pleased to report that I have opened a suburban office in beautiful downtown Hinsdale, Illinois at 38 Blaine Street, just a block from the Hinsdale Metra Train Station. Office is actually located in the beautiful rehabbed Victorian pictured below. The house is located in a commercial zone. I have the first floor all to myself. The space comes with a free parking spot right next to the rear entrance. Yes, you read that correctly – free. And free client parking behind the building and in front. That will certainly be good news to clients. Over the years I heard lots of clients inquire if we could meet somewhere besides downtown so they could avoid a) driving downtown and b) paying $27.00 to park their car for two hours. Phones should be working by Wednesday. Have furniture on order, but won’t have it until the later part of March at the earliest. I have been scrambling a bit between the downtown space and Hinsdale, but things seem to be settling down. I will continue to maintain my Chicago office as well, at 100 West Monroe, Suite 1900. Next office location will ideally be located in Dublin, Ireland. Very near a pub.