Finally!! My longest running case has concluded. I filed this case in 2005 after my client suffered a serious eye injury while working as a physical trainer for a local hockey club. He was injured when he was struck in the eye by a hockey puck. He had just entered the bench area from the locker room in order to fill some water bottles on the bench. As he stepped into the bench area he was struck in the eye by a hockey puck that had come off the stick of one of the players. The player testified that he was simply practicing his passing and the puck got away from him. There was some evidence however, that the players were “sniping” – or shooting the pucks at the water bottles in the bench area. The case involved depositions in Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado and Connecticut. And we had to get an order of Summary Judgment reversed, after the trial court had ruled the negligence allegations were barred by the Illinois Contact Sports Doctrine. [Actually, I just got out of the way – Joanna Fryer was the appellate ace who got that done]. But we hung in there. We recently mediated the case, and although the mediation didn’t get it resolved, the parties were pretty close and wrapped it up shortly thereafter. Plaintiff is a nice young man. Glad I was given the opportunity to help.