Saw an online article from the Chicago Tribune the other day, discussing an unusual lawsuit recently filed against a local radio station. The article, written by Emily S. Achenbaum, detailed how a Chicago woman[identified only as “Jane Doe”]is suing WXLC, a Waukegan radio station, and its parent company, Next Media Group, Inc. after she won a contest run by the station – and ended up being sexually assaulted. The station ran a a “Win a Date with Travis” contest. The “Travis” in question was Travis Harvey Jr. of Gurnee, Illinois[pictured below]. He was described, in connection with the contest, as “a great guy”. He claimed that due to his busy schedule as a single father, he just didn’t have time to date. So on January 30, 2007, WXLC sponsored a “Win a Date with Travis” contest at an area sports bar. Contestants were invited to drop by the bar and sit and chat with Harvey. The plaintiff eventually won the contest, and Harvey promised a night out at the House of Blues in downtown Chicago. On the scheduled day though, Harvey spoke with Jane Doe and advised that he was too tired to go downtown – he suggested she come over for pizza. Jane Doe showed up, had a drink of some sort, and then felt drowsy. She claimed that Harvey then sexually assaulted her. Jane Doe went to the police several days later but there was physical evidence indicating any drugs were used or that Jane Doe had been sexually assaulted. Nonetheless, Harvey was apparently arrested and recently pled guilty to the assault and was sentenced to probation. The complaint also pointed out that prior to the assault upon Jane Doe, Harvey had twice been convicted of violating orders of protection. The complaint is alleging that the radio station was negligent in failing to check Harvey’s record and promoting his as a safe and desirable companion.