$20 Million Dollar Settlement in Jaycee Dugard Case

Saw on Twitter that the California legislature had approved a $20 million dollar settlement to the family of Jaycee Dugard[pictured above] the woman kidnapped as a child and held captive for 18 years by paroled sex offender Phillip Garrido. While being held, Dugard lived in a backyard shack on Garrido’s property. Additionally Garriodo fathered two children with Dugard. Dugard[now 30 years old], her daughters and her mother filed a claim against California Corrections officials alleging they failed to do their jobs properly, and as a result Jaycee was kidnapped, held captive and suffered psychological, phyical and emotional damages. Dugard resurfaced after Garrido brought her and the children to a meeting with his parole officer. $20 million isn’t near enough for what this poor woman went through.