Illinois company hit with multimillion dollar "popcorn lung" verdict.

Last week a jury in a Denver federal courtroom hit an Illinois company with a $7.2 million dollar verdict in a “popcorn lung” lawsuit. The plaintiff, Wayne Watson had alleged that Glister-Mary Lee Corp. failed to warn consumers that the butter flavoring on it microwave popcorn contained diacetyl. Diacetyl has been linked to a chronic condition known as broncioliti obliterans or more commonly as”popcorn lung”. The disease causes inflammatory obstruction of the lungs, and, if not caught early on, can be fatal.

Watson alleged that he ate the butter-flavored popcorn on a daily basis for years. He was diagnosed with “popcorn lung” in 2007. Lawyers for Glister-Mary Lee Corp. had argued that Watson’s health problems were due to long-term exposure to dangerous chemicals while he worked as a carpet cleaner. Laywer Kenneth McClain, who represented the plaintiff, has similar cases pending in Iowa and New York. No word on whether Glister-Mary Lee intends to appeal.