Was employee fired because of prothetic leg?

On Tuesday the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit alleging that a Romeoville company wrongfully fired a 60 year old employee because she had a prosthetic leg. The company in question, Staffmark Investment, LLC hired Dorothy Shanks in October of 2010. She was then assigned to inspect Sony electronics at the Staffmark facility in Will County. Staffmark however, removed her from from that job just two days later, saying she would be shifted to another job where she could sit. But Staffmark never sent Shanks on any other assignments.

Shanks’ supervisors for the two days she inspected the electronic items were employed by Sony. The lawsuit suggests that Sony had some involvment in the decision to terminate Shanks. Staffmark has not commented on the lawsuit. Randy Kamen, a Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Sony has commented that the lawsuit lacks merit. Additionally, Kamen has commented that she was suprised the EEOC decided to pursue this matter, as Shanks was only employed for two days.

Ann Henry, the EEOC lawyer handling the case said that the lawsuit became necessary after settlement efforts between the parties failed.