Disturbing allegations raised in dental malpractice case leading to death of three year old girl.

Saw this terrible story out of Hawaii earlier this week. Finely Boyle, the cute little girl pictured above, was seen by her dentist, Lilly Geyer of Island Dental in November. Dr. Geyer indicated the little girl had multiple cavities and needed several root canals. Finely returned on December 3 for the suggested dental work. She was given a mixture of drugs for sedation purposes. Shortly thereafter, Finely went into cardiac arrest. There are allegations the staff at Island Dental had no idea how to revive her and had to run down the hall looking for help. Due to oxygen deprivation, Finely suffered significant brain damage. She was hospitalized for several weeks but died in early January, 2014. A lawsuit on file against Dr. Geyer and Island Dental alleges that misrepresentations were made regarding the training of the staff. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the mixture of drugs was excessive and inappropriate. Lastly, the lawsuit alleges that Island Dental personnel inexplicably failed to properly monitor the child after the drugs were started.

Photo courtesy of New York Daily News.