Disturbing allegations of police misconduct raised against LAPD.

Kim Nguyen, a 27 year old pharmacist, is raising some disturbing allegations about the conduct of two Los Angeles Police officers. Nguyen claims that she was waiting for a taxi after a night out with two friends. A police car rolled up and the officers began to question the group. According to Nguyen, the officers then declared that she was drunk, handcuffed her and placed her in the rear of the squad car. Nguyen alleges one officer climbed into the back seat next to her and groped her while the other officer drove. Nguyen also alleges she was then thrown from the police vehicle. The photo above shows Nguyen lying on the street shortly after the incident. Nguyen, who is now suing, claims that as a result of the incident she suffered brain injuries, a broken jaw and loss of most of her teeth.

The LAPD version of events is that Nguyen fell out of the car. The Police Department has not yet explained how an allegedly intoxicated woman, in handcuffs, would be able to unlock and then open a police car door. It has also not yet explained why the officer allegedly seated right next to her would allow her to do so. I very much doubt this case ever gets tried.