Saw this reported in a couple of place, including Jonathan Turley’s site, Res Ipsa Loquitur. Back in 2005, a woman in Colac, Australia decided to take her 3 dogs out for a walk before running some errands. After finishing the walk she loaded two of the dogs into the rear seat of the car. She then put a third dog in the front seat. It appears the woman (never identified in the reports I read) then decided to start the car to kick the AC on BEFOREshe actually got in the car. So she has three unattended dogs inside a running car. You can imagine where this is going….

The woman then apparently walked to the other side of the car and tried to get into the car. At some point the dog in the front seat bumped the hand brake. And the car started moving. The poor woman got caught in the door and dragged by the car. And, to make matters worse, she eventually go run over by the car and sustained some pretty serious injuries – necessitating multiple surgeries.

The woman filed a No Fault claim with the Victoria Transport Commission (TAC) and recovered $143,590 for her injuries. She also apparently recovered her wage loss and medical bills.