Mississippi Judge Indicted for Assaulting Mentally Disabled Man

Jonathan Turley posted an article on this a few weeks back.

Justice Court Judge Bill Weisenberger of Madison County Mississippi[the smiling chap above] was recently indicted on an assault charge. According to Turley’s site, the charges arose out of an incident on May 8, 2014 at the Canton Flea Market.

According to witnesses, Eric Rivers, a 20 year old African American male, was asking vendors at the flea market for tips if he helped them unload their wares. One witness claimed she saw Weisenberger slap Rivers twice, resulting in Rivers landing on the ground. Rivers then got up and ran away. Other witnesses indicated Weisenberger shouted racially offensive words after Rivers as he ran away. It appears that Weisenberger may have been working in a security capacity at the Flea Market.

Vickie McNeill, a friend of the Rivers family noted that Rivers is mentally challenged.

Weisenberger, a Republican, was elected to the bench in 2011. He is a former law enforcement officer.

It is hardly shocking that buffoons like Weisenberger exist. Instead the most shocking revelation from this story is how little is required to sit on the bench in Mississippi. The only requirement to be elected a Justice Court judge is a high school diploma and six hours of training. When the bar is set that low, virtually anyone can crawl over it.

Weisenberger is also defendant in a lawsuit against him and the county for arrests of African American women on the charge of “roaming livestock”? Anyone shocked? Probably not. The state of Mississippi should wake up and immediately revise the educational and professional requirements necessary before one can be elected to the Justice Court. If Mississippi doesn’t wake up it is only a matter of time before another “justice” behaves just as stupidly as Weisenberger is alleged to have behaved. Tick tock.