Another jury says Johnson & Johnson talcum powder causes cancer - and awards millions in damages.

Johnson & Johnson got crushed – again – in a talcum powder lawsuit. Stephan Lanzo used Johnson & Johnson products like Shower to Shower and Baby Powder for over 30 years. Those products likely contained talc – one of the softest minerals on earth. That talc is found in rock deposits – and those rock deposits are often found near other minerals that contain asbestos – another mineral. Fibers from asbsestos can enter the human body and, over time, cause mesothelioma – a deadly cancer where asbestos fibers cause tumors to develop in the lining of the lungs. Some studies have shown that talc can be contaminated by asbestos during the mining operations.

Lanzo was diagnosed with mesothelioma and alleged that it was caused by asbestos in the Johnson & Johnson products. Lanzo also alleged that Johnson & Johnson knew since the 1960’s that their talcum products might be contaminated but failed to alert the public. Johnson & Johnson denied Lanzo’s allegations and claimed that their products have been talc free since the 1970’s.

Last week the New Jersey jury hearing Lanzo’s sided with Lanzo and awarded him $30 million dollars and $7 million to his wife.

Johnson got blasted in a similar case last year. The link to that verdict is here.

The Lanzo jury was scheduled to consider a punitive damages award this week.

A number of other talcum powder lawsuits are currently making their way through various courts and the another trial is set to begin next month.