Au pairs strike back.

Colleen Slevin of the Denver Post had an article in the Denver Post the other day about $65.5 million dollar settlement against several companies that bring young women to the United States to work as au pairs. [An au pair is typically a young woman, from outside the United States who comes here to provide live-in child care to families].

The underlying lawsuit, brought by a dozen former au pairs, alleged that 15 companies that brought au pairs to the States colluded to keep their wages low and ignore various minimum wage and overtime laws. The lawsuit also alleged that the au pairs were forced to do things that fall outside traditional childcare duties.

The settlement is on behalf of about 100,000 former au pairs.

The defendants, while denying wrongdoing, also agreed to take steps in the future to make sure that au pairs fully understood their rights.

The settlement covers au pairs who worked in the United States between January, 2009 and October, 2018. Here is the website to determine if you are eligible for compensation: