Texting about veal parmigiana dinner while driving = $235,000 settlement

Saw this story by Robert Storace online recently.

Dasantila Rook was driving home from her job at a Connecticut restaurant in July of 2015. She was taking food home to have dinner with her husband. All well and good. Dasantila got into trouble when she decided to text her husband about dinner. She was describing what sounded like a delicious veal parmigiana dinner when she crossed the center line. Rook struck a car driven by Kelsey Lisk head-on. Lisk suffered post-traumatic stress and had to undergo treatment for anxiety and panic attacks that developed after the crash.

Rook couldn’t dispute that she was texting. An officer responding to the scene saw the cellphone in her car and asked Rook to open the phone. The screen showed the above text – right about the time of the crash. The crash apparently prevented Rook from completing her description of the other items on the menu.

Lisk retained McEnery Price Messey & Sullivan to file a lawsuit against Rook. The case settled last week for $235,000. That text was all the evidence Lisk needed.