Just this week, another sexual abuse lawsuit was filed against Rev. Donald McGuire, a Chicago area priest. The lawsuit, filed by two brothers, claims that McGuire sexually abused the two boys at different times. The older brother is claiming abuse from 1988 through 1994, while the younger brother is claiming abuse from 2001 through 2002.
In 2006, McGuire was convicted of molesting two boys in the 1960’s. He is currently living in Oak Lawn, a southwest Chicago suburb, while that conviction is being appealed. He was only recently advised by his superiors that he can no longer wear his collar.
In an ironic twist, just this week I saw another article about the efforts taken by the Los Angeles Diocese to fund the $660 million dollar settlement it reached with hundreds of sexual abuse victims. The diocese has decided to sell some 50 non-parish properties. One of those properties is the convent used by the Sisters of St. Bethany, located in Santa Barbara. The convent, which was built for the order in 1952 is currently occupied by three older nuns who work with the poor in the community. Although they do not pay rent, they do make sufficient funds to sustain the property. Recently, the Diocese advised them[in a letter]that they were to vacate the premises on or before 12/31/07. The Diocese defended its action by noting that everybody was having to sacrifice. By way of example, it was noted that Diocese employees didn’t get a raise in 2007. Okay, but that doesn’t quite equate with losing your home of 50 years. And not to put too fine a point on it, but the nuns didn’t abuse any minors. Instead, that was done by 245 Diocese priests. And the unrebutted evidence indicates that for decades the Diocese didn’t act on parent complaints, didn’t call police and didn’t warn parishioners when allegations were made against a particular priest. In fact, up until 2004, parishioners were not advised of allegations against a Diocese priest even if that priest was “sent away” for psychological counselling. How many of those 50 non-parish properties that house priests are being sold??