More details are emerging about precisely how early Church authorities were aware of alleged sexual misconduct on the part of Rev. Donald J. McGuire. McGuire was a teacher at Loyola Academy in the late 1960’s. In 1969, Rev. Charles Schlax contacted the the president of Loyola, Rev. John Reinke, to complain about McGuire. A young man had complained to Fr. Schlax that McGuire was a “pervert”. The youth had apparently been staying at Loyola for as much as a week at a time, including nights. Schlax had requested an investigation into McGuire. Shortly thereafter McGuire was informed he was going to take a sabbatical. Then in 2000, several families who had sons working as aides to McGuire expressed more concern about McGuire’s behavior. One family reported that their son told them McGuire was overwhelming him with pornography and sexual discussions. Another family complained that McGuire was pressuring their son to avoid college, family and friends – and instead spend more time with McGuire. McGuire apparently encouraged the kid to sleep on the floor in his room, or in his bed. Shockingly, McGuire’s superiors have indicated as recently as 2005 that they had no knowledge of McGuire’s proclivities. Turns out they had plenty of notice and allowed this guy to terrorize kids for 40 years.