As I described in my August 21 post, titled ILLINOIS HEALTHCARE SERVICES LIEN ACT was getting a run-around from a medical collection company with respect to my client’s hospital bill. The underlying personal injury case had settled and an agreement was reached as to the amount the hospital would be paid for my client’s outstanding bills. Just one hiccup – the hospital had sent the bills to some out of state collection agency. And the robots at the collection agency was insisting that even after accepting the agreed-upon amount, they would pursue my client for the balance. I spoke to hospital personnel who admitted they were happy to receive partial payment on what would ordinarily be a non-collectible bill[my client had no insurance]. The hospital also admitted they usually wrote off any remaining balance. Passed that information onto the collection agency, but they wouldn’t budge. So, in effect, some third party bill collector, not the hospital, was driving this dispute. Presented a Motion to Adjudicate the Lien today, laying out the facts to the trial judge. And, to my delight, he discharged the remaining balance. This particular judge is an intelligent, seasoned veteran of the bench, and he was not pleased when he figured out that some collection agency was trying to make life tough for my client. Hopefully the hospital will part ways with this particular collection agency.