Was retained by a young man to investigate potential cause of action after he was badly beaten up at a get-together in his neighborhood. In doing some research, ran across the Illinois Drug or Alcohol Impaired Minor Responsiblity Act of 2004. The Act provides that any person[18 or older] who willfully supplies acohol or illegal drugs to a person under 18, and causes the impairment of that individual shall be liable for death or injuries to persons or property caused by the impaired individual. 740 ILCS 58/5. Very few cases have interprested this particular statute, so there isn’t much law on it just yet At the very least, the Act appears to create an entirely new cause of action on behalf of people who are injured by impaired minors. Unfortunately for me, the Act doesn’t provide much assistance to the young man who came to see me, as he was well over 18.

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