As noted in my October 27, 2008 post, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency[CFIA] recently issued a warning advising Canadian consumers not to eat Sherwood Brands Pirates Gold Chocolate Coins. Tests on the coins had revealed the presence of melamine. Sherwood Brands has now issued a notice to customers in response to the CFIA warning. The notice details that no Sherwood products containing melamine reached the United States. After learning of the FDA warning about possible melamine contamination in milk-containing products, Sherwood began to work with labs to confirm their products were free of melamine.
Sherwood has not received any chocolate in the United States from China since the initial report about melamine. The notice goes on to note that the identification of chocolate coins tainted with melamine was an isolated “situation” limited to Canada. Those coins were not sold or shipped into the US market and were produced before the initial melamine warning. Upon being advised of the contamination, Sherwood stopped all production and shipment of the coins. Sherwood is now testing all product earmarked for Canada or the US for melamine prior to shipment.

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