Bank VP claims her discrimination lawsuit caused her to be fired.

Saw an interesting online article from ABC News about some legal unpleasantness at Deutsche Bank. Kelly Voelker, pictured above, had been a stellar VP in Deutsche Securities for 14 years. In 2011, Voelker filed a sex discrimination lawsuit claiming that Deutsche had a “hostile and degrading” atmosphere toward women and that male co-workers allegedly made inappropriate comments about her being pregnant. Additionally, she alleged that she was denied a promotion, and eventually demoted because she was a woman.

About a year after Voelker filed the discrimination claim, she was fired. Deutsche claimed she was laid off as part of a reduction in force. Voelker claims that she was the ONLY member of a 500 person unit to be laid off. [If so, that certainly would be an odd coincidence]. Deutshe denies Voelker’s allegations and says it will vigorously defend them.

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