What goes on behind those courtroom doors?

What do California judges do in Chambers? You might be surprised.

What do California judges do in Chambers? You might be surprised.
According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, there is lots of interesting activity in chambers – at least when it comes to a couple of California jurists. First we have Orange County Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner, a judge since 2011. He was recently censured by the Commission on Judicial Performance for engaging in sexual activity in chambers with two women. One of them his intern and the other a lawyer. In 2012, Steiner wrote a recommendation for his intern, seeking to get her a spot in the District Attorney’s office. When his intern didn’t get a second interview, Steiner called the office and asked for an explanation. Steiner admitted wrongdoing during disciplinary proceedings and was censured.

Then there is Kern County Superior Court Judge Cory Woodward. For over a year he had a sexual relationship with his court clerk, who was married. According to the article the two exchanged personal emails and engaged in sexual activity in public places[including chambers]. Woodward was also observed making a crude sexual gesture toward the woman during a break in court proceedings last year. If not for his stellar reputation[and appropriate remorse] Woodward may have been removed from the bench. He too escaped with a censure.

When I first saw the article I thought at least one of them was Judge Arnold Becker below:

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