From the Odd Couplings Department…

Marriya Wright[pictured below in swimsuit] until very recently, was a Deputy Prosecutor in the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Then a picture of her, in a bikini, was discovered in the possession of Matthew Baumrucker, an inmate in the Spokane County Jail. That discovery was, not surprisingly, a little unsettling for County officials, so an investigation was launched.

The investigation revealed an alleged relationship between Wright and Baumrucker[also pictured below]. Baumrucker has an extensive criminal background, including prison stints for robbery, assault and bank robbery. He even has the word “Criminal” tattoed on his forehead[which probably doesn’t help during trials]. When officials began looking into all this, Baumrucker was facing drug and assault charges.

The investigation also revealed that between February 6, 2014 and March 5, 2014 Wright and Baumrucker exchanged 1,280 text messages.

The authorities also suspect Wright may have helped Baumrucker avoid being taken into custody on assault charges. There is some indication that when investigators located Baumrucker at an apartment, he called Wright. According to police documents, Baumrucker claimed that Wright had advised him that he did not have to let the police in if they didn’t have a proper warrant. Police later discovered surveillance videos allegedly showing Baumrucker getting into Wright’s car at a gas station. Officials feel that Wright, as a prosecutor, should have instructed Baumrucker to simply turn himself in. It appears she never did so.

Finally, officials have learned that Wright visited Baumrucker several times while he was incarcerated. Ultimately the state charges were dropped but federal prosecutors filed weapons charges against him. Baumrucker is in jail, awaiting an October trial.

Wright is no awaiting word if any charges against her will be filed. Her attorney, Chris Bugbee, says that Wright used poor judgment but was trying to put Baumrucker on the “straight and narrow.”