Beware the Arbitration Agreement

I remember the excitement that comes with getting the offer letter on that job you really wanted. You can leave that dead-end job you are in, start making some real money and start enjoying life again. Yeah, the Employment Agreement includes an Arbitration Clause. And it’s kinda weird but the Arbitration Clause says the case has to be arbitrated on the o… Read More
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The HITECH Act finally levels the playing field for lawyers trying to get medical records.

As a trial lawyer, I’ve been representing injured people for decades. One of my pet peeves is how cavalier Illinois medical providers are when it comes to responding to requests for records. Pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/8-2001, medical providers have 30 days to respond to requests for records. But in my experience providers, rarely, if ever, respond within 30… Read More
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Those commissions not being paid? Illinois Sales Representative Act is your answer.

I was recently retained by a small company that markets various telecommunications products to other small businesses. My client had signed a contract to act as a sales representative for another company[let’s call that company Slow Pay Corp.]. Slow Pay Corp sold telecommunications software. For several years, things were great – my client was maki… Read More
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Bar liability extends beyond the tavern threshold.

Lots of guys have walked into bars with nothing but the best intentions – have a few drinks; watch a game; shoot a little pool – when some buffoon with a bad case of beer muscles starts trouble. I was recently hired by a young guy who was badly injured after a bar fight that may have started in the bar and resumed outside in the parking lot. Still… Read More
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Along with some other medical device lawsuits that have been gathering media attention, the Wright Medical Technology Profemur Hip Replacement has recently come under fire with allegations that it is prone to early failure. The Profemur hip replacement prosthesis was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration[“FDA”] pursuant to the… Read More
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