Illinois Commercial and Business Litigation

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The variety of business disputes are virtually endless. I have many years of experience in business litigation — with good results. Business owners need a lawyer that can identify their problems, provide solutions for those problems and do so on a cost-effective basis. Every year, more corporate clients are retain my firm to assist them in litigation matters. Some of the cases I handle include:

Breach of Contract

People enter into agreements every day in the business world, thinking that every contingency has been covered. But then an exclusive distributor finds he can get the same inventory at a much cheaper price. Or a real estate developer suddenly stops paying the construction company that has put months of hard work into a renovation project. When one party to a contract suddenly and arbitrarily changes the rules, that decision can put another company on the edge of bankruptcy. I have handled countless contractual disputes throughout the years and have represented small “mom and pop” operations as well as very large corporate concerns. I am happy to discuss your case with you at your convenience — contact me for a consultation.

Illinois Consumer Fraud

Sometimes a party makes certain representations in order to get another party to enter into an agreement. When those misrepresentations are made in a business setting — by a car dealer, insurance agent or real estate developer — they may run afoul of the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, a powerful tool in contractual and business litigation. If a party prevails at trial under the Consumer Fraud Act, that party can then seek to recoup its attorney fees from the Court. I have successfully prosecuted and defended a number of Illinois Consumer Fraud claims involving a variety of different business settings. Please contact me if my firm may assist you in this regard.