Illinois Employment Litigation

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My Chicago law firm handles Illinois workers' compensation claims and a range of other employment litigation on behalf of employees. Under both Illinois and federal employment laws, employees can fight back in the face of wrongful or retaliatory termination, discrimination, and other wrongful acts of their employers.

You may read more below about some of the employment litigation matters I handle. I also welcome you to contact the Law Offices of Mark P. Loftus for a free initial consultation about your situation.

Employment Discrimination/Harassment

In 2008, the Illinois legislature enacted a number of significant changes to the Illinois Human Rights Act. As a result, victims of discrimination or harassment at the hands of their employers may now seek redress in the courtrooms of Illinois. The I… Read More

Retaliatory Discharge

I have handled hundreds of Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases over my career. One question I hear quite often during the initial consultation is: “Can I get fired for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim?” People are concerned – they fear… Read More

Whistleblower Claims

The Illinois legislature passed legislation in 2004 prohibiting employers from firing employee who report illegal activity to authorities. But many employers aren’t familiar with the law and fire employees in anger when they learn that the employee… Read More