Malicious Prosecution

The abuse of even the small amount of power held by a security guard, store clerk or restaurant manager can lead to life-long headaches for someone wrongfully arrested and prosecuted. Malicious prosecution occurs when that security guard or clerk wrongly alleges that a shopper, customer or diner has stolen merchandise or somehow caused a disturbance on the premises. That same guard then calls the police and authorizes arrest and prosecution of the customer. Once arrested, even minor charges can lead to enormous legal fees, lost time from work, acute anxiety or stress. When the prosecution goes forward and the customer is acquitted of all charges, legal action can be instituted against the entity that authorized the wrongful arrest and prosecution. My firm has successfully prosecuted these cases against nationally-recognized companies when their security personnel roughed up my clients and then had them arrested to cover their tracks. If you or a loved one have suffered a similar situation, call my office so that we might discuss your case.