Premises Liability Litigation

Virtually every day, you are situated on the property of another, for any variety of reasons. You could be running into the local supermarket to pick up some detergent, stopping at a fast food restaurant to grab a quick bite, or maybe delivering some packages as part of your job. And in each situation you are justified in thinking that premises you are entering are safe. But that isn’t always the case – and the unsafe conditions lurking on the property can often cause serious injuries to the unsuspecting.

These cases are categorized as “premises liability” cases under the law. In effect, the injured party seeks recovery because the owner of the land failed to keep his property in a reasonably safe condition. Litigating these cases can be very tricky – the jury instructions are not plaintiff-friendly and jurors over the years have shown increasing hostility to these types of lawsuits.

Over the years, hundreds of clients have retained me to litigate their cases, throughout the State of Illinois. I have effectuated numerous settlements, and, on occasion, obtained significant verdicts on behalf of my clients. Please contact my Chicago office if you feel you have a premises liability case.