Illinois Workers Compensation

Employees are injured at work everyday in Illinois. Most of the time employers do the right thing and expedite the payment of appropriate lost wages and medical bills. But every now and again, an employer neglects to advise an employee that the employee is typically entitled to additional compensation, in light of the fact that the injured body part is never going to be quite the same. Or, the employer comes up with a quick offer of settlement, and pressures the injured employee to resolve the case. Injured workers need an advocate who knows the Illinois Workers Compensation Act and can try the case if the employer won’t pay a fair amount. I have represented hundreds of injured employees over the years. In fact, I have represented several clients on multiple occasions and have even represented children of former clients. I am happy to discuss your Workers Compensation case with you at your convenience.

Retaliatory Discharge

As noted above, most employers do the right thing when a worker is hurt. Unfortunately, some employers still believe that they above the law – and feel they can retaliate against those employees who file Workers Compensation claims by firing them. The employers never admit that the termination is related to the Workers Compensation claim. Instead they concoct various reasons, confident that no employee will challenge them. I have successfully represented a number of employees abruptly terminated, after filing their Workers Compensation case, and obtained a number of large settlements. Additionally, I recently authored an article on these cases in the Illinois Trial Journal, the monthly publication of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association. Please give my Chicago office a call if you wish to discuss a similar case.