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Facebook Archives off limits in Wrongful Death Case....for now.

In 2013, Catherine Cong Ye was struck by a tractor trailer leased by Cliff Viessman, Inc. and driven by Kevin Goettl. She was 24 years old. A wrongful death case naming Goettl and Viessman was filed in Cook County, Illinois. The complaint alleges that Ye was standing on the sidewalk on Randolph Street near Halsted Street in Chicago when Goettl exited the Kenne… Read More
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FBI using social media to look for securities fraud.

The Globe and Mail, an online Canadian new source, had an interesting article today, explaining how the FBI is now combing social media posts while they look for insider trading schemes. The article explained how large investment firms, institutional investors and hedge funds are using Twitter and Facebook to share ideas and investment strategies. According to… Read More
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