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News that will shock no one: nursing homes are chronically understaffed.

The Illinois Trial Lawyers newsletter today included a stoary that won’t shock most lawyers handling nursing home cases – most nursing homes aren’t adequately staffed. While Medicare doesn’t set a minimum staff to patient ratio, it does require that a registered nurse be on the premises at least eight hours a day and a licensed nurse be… Read More
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Trump Administration moves to strip victims of nursing home neglect of their right to sue.

As recently reported by Robert Pear in the New York Times, the Trump Administration is moving forward on its promise to strip victims of nursing home neglect of the right to pursue justice in courtrooms. For years, nursing homes have included “no sue” arbitration clauses in the documents patients [or their loved ones] sign upon admission of the pat… Read More
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Why defense lawyers want to characterize the injury as "malpractice".

Over the last few years I have been retained several times to represent people who have been injured while they were residing in nursing homes. The Illinois Nursing Home Act includes a bill of rights which guarantees residents the right to be free from abuse and neglect by staff. The Act further provides that a failure to provide “adequate medical care&#… Read More
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