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Supreme Court lets $2.2 billion dollar ovarian cancer verdict stand against Johnson & Johnson

This important ruling got kind of lost in the news cycle. A couple weeks ago, the United States Supreme Court refused to vacate a $2.2 billion dollar ovarian cancer verdict against Johnson & Johnson[“J & J”]. The verdict was originally returned by a Missouri jury in 2018 on behalf of 22 women. The original verdict was actually $4.7 billion… Read More
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Johnson & Johnson hammered again with $4.7 billion dollar verdict in baby powder case

Yesterday, a St. Louis jury just absolutely crushed Johnson & Johnson again in another baby powder lawsuit. Twenty two women[and their families] filed suit claiming that the baby powder they had used for years was the source of their ovarian cancer. The jury agreed and awarded the group $550 million dollars in compensatory damages AND $4.14 billion in puni… Read More
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