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Tort of retaliatory discharge just got a little broader in Illinois.

A decision out of the Federal District Court in Chicago appears to have broadened the tort of retaliatory discharge a bit. In Van Pelt v. BonaDent, plaintiff Tad Van Pelt had been recruited to work as a sales representative for BonaDent, Inc. a dental lab. Van Pelt was hired as an at will employee. In 2015, Bonadent purchased a laboratory in Chicago. Van Pelt… Read More
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Mediators, much like facts, matter. As do cookies.

I recently resolved a wrongful/retaliatory discharge case through mediation. I wasn’t particularly enthralled with the idea of a mediation as only limited discovery had been completed. But my opponent said his client was genuinely interested in resolving the case early. We agreed to use Retired Judge Hollis Webster of Hollis Webster Mediations. While I b… Read More
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Injured at work? Please place your urine in this vial.

Saw an interesting decision recently out of the 7th Circuit. In Phillips v. Continental Tire The Americas, Jeff Phillips was a long-time employee at Continental Tire[CT]. He had worked there 23 years as a driver. CT offered a Health Services Department, that provided treatment to injured and sick employees. In April of 2010, Phillips began experiencing numbnes… Read More
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