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Another jury says Johnson & Johnson talcum powder causes cancer - and awards millions in damages.

Johnson & Johnson got crushed – again – in a talcum powder lawsuit. Stephan Lanzo used Johnson & Johnson products like Shower to Shower and Baby Powder for over 30 years. Those products likely contained talc – one of the softest minerals on earth. That talc is found in rock deposits – and those rock deposits are often found near… Read More
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$417 Million awarded to plaintiff in Johnson & Johnson talcum powder case just months after $110 million dollar verdict.

On Monday, a Los Angeles jury returned a stunning $417 million dollar verdict against Johnson & Johnson in another case claiming that Johnson & Johnson baby powder led to ovarian cancer. Eva Echeverria had claimed that she used the baby powder on a daily basis from the 1950s until 2016. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007. The verdict is the… Read More
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Johnson & Johnson crushed with $110 million dollar verdict in baby powder case.

This case flew under the radar given the daily onslaught of heretofore unprecedented political shenanigans. About a week ago a St. Louis jury awarded $110.5 million dollars to a 62 year old woman who claimed that her use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder caused her to develop cancer. Louis Slemp, a 62 year old woman from Wise, Virginia, blamed her ovarian c… Read More
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