A plug for a good medical exhibits company.

Recently I was knee deep in a couple of cases where settlement appeared unlikely. One case was scheduled for trial setting in a week or so and I was scrambling around getting my ducks in a row. I had to get the evidence deposition of the surgeon who operated on my client. He is not a great witness. And I was worried about how I would properly communicate the nature of the injury and surgery. I contacted the good folks at Creative Counsel. They asked for some basic information, as well as some of the medical data, and the operative report. A couple of days later they shot me an email with the exhibit above. I was thrilled. I used it when I did the evidence dep of the surgeon. When I met the doctor before his depo, I showed him the exhibit. He took a step back and said, “Hey, this is good – who did this?” At his depo I walked him through the injury and surgery and he would point to various snapshots as he went. Don’t mind saying it was very compelling. The case proceeded to mediation[in part I think because the exhibit made the doc’s testimony better]. The mediator was also impressed. I have a trial in 2 weeks and Creative Counsel did an great depiction of that injury and surgery as well.