Illinois personal injury lawyers have their own version of the Five Day Notice. Pursuant to 815 ILCS 640/1, the Personal Injury Representation Agreement Act, any plaintiff who retains counsel to represent him/her in a personal injury case, WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THE INCIDENT, may, within 10 days after the occurrence, avoid the contract by notifying the attorney, in writing of the decision to terminate the contract, via certified or regular mail. In addition, the attorney who signs a client up within 5 days of the event leading to the injury must provide to that client a copy of the contract; an address to which the notice avoiding the contract may be sent; a copy of the Act and a written acknowledgement of receipt from the plaintiff. In addition, the 10 day period does not begin to run until the lawyer provides the documents noted. According to the legislative history, the Act is designed to shield recently injured parties who hastily sign legal contracts without due consideration of all the relevent facts. I have been practicing for over 2 decades and was completely unaware of this Act. So you may indeed learn something new every day.

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