Looks like former Motorola CFO Paul Liska is going to be at war against his former employer for some time. Liska is suing Motorola, claiming he was fired for his refusal to accept allegedly misleading financial projections by the Motorola Mobile Phone Division. Motorola, on the other hand, is claiming Liska tried to extort the company.
The two sides were back at it on Wednesday, July 8, appearing before Cook County Judge Allen Goldman. Both Liska and Motorola filed motions, seeking Judge Goldman’s help in having certain documents produced.
In addition, a local headhunter, Gregory Crecos, appeared on July 8 as well, objecting to certain requests made upon him by Motorola. Crecos, the founder of Gregory Michaels & Associates, was served with a subpoena by Motorola. Motorola wants Crecos to turn over documents relative to his dealings with Liska, going back to when Liska worked at Sears and other companies. In addition, Motorola is seeking documents relating to Motorola candidates, dating back to 2007. According to remarks Crecos made after Court, Motorola believes Crecos tipped Liska off that Motorola was looking to replace Liska. Crecos denies any impropriety.
All matters were continued to July 31.

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