An idea, whose time has arrived - gluttony pants.

Disclaimer: the following post has nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, to do with anything legal. Which will probably make this quite a bit more interesting.

The most recent issue of Entrepreneur had an interesting story by Jennifer Wang on a San Franciso clothing line going by the name of Betabrand. The company’s founder, Chris Lindbland is apparently attempting to create the world’s first social clothing company. He gets his ideas from news cycles and blogger communities. One idea, the “Executive Pinstripe Hoodie”[for budding Zuckerbergs] recently got lots of attention. I am at least 2.5 decades beyond his target audience, but had to comment on his “Gluttony Pants”. They have an expandable waistband, with three settings, Piglet, Sow and Boar. Genius. I have included a picture of the waistband above.

Hey, the Holidays are just around the corner. Who doesn’t need a little extra room now and again?

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